A Favorite Yachting Destination, Palawan

Great yachting destinations can be found around the globe and many are documented by stories and articles on line and in yachting and boating magazines. Many of the these places become more and more popular as word gets out making lesser-known destination gems harder to find. Sometimes the only way to find them is to be in the inner-circle of experienced yachters who keep their favorites trips closely guarded. Whether the location is for relaxing or confident yacht racing, many prefer to keep these hidden locales just that, hidden. But one such lesser-known spot is a breathtaking spot that will surely become more popular as word gets out. The place is the small island of Palawan in the Philippines.

The Philippines is often known for the metropolis of Manila, but the country – made up of over 7000 islands – is a tropical haven for the intrepid yachter. Traveling south from Manila to more tropical islands, one finds many hotspot tourist spots, but Palawan is still relatively rural and not built up as much as places like Cebu and Boracay.

In Palawan, smaller islands dot the clear blue sea and there are marinas available for your yacht docking needs. Another benefit is that the area is never crowded. As word gets out more resorts are popping up on some of the islands, but it’s still easy to find some that are completely uninhabited.

A day on a yacht in the waters off Palawan is like a trip to paradise. The skies are blue with amazing cloud formations and the water is warm and perfect for divers and snorkelers. The waters are rich with sea life and amazing tropical fish of all sizes and colors. When the day gives way to night, it’s time to relax outside on the upper deck and watch the spectacular sunset because Palawan offers one each and every night. If looking for a new favorite yachting vacation, then look no further than this Asian paradise.


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