Ins and Outs of Transporting a Yacht

For the typical luxury yacht owner, a new world begins to open up as the realities of yacht ownership set in. One of the biggest is transportation for those who want a more worldwide yachting experience. One might think that the easiest thing to do is just sail (or power) the yacht to any destination in the world, but for many owners this is not a viable option. In many cases the fastest and most economical way to get a yacht from point A to B is to ship it via road or another sailing vessel. This is one of the key considerations in yacht ownership.

If a yacht’s destination is half a world away, often times the idea of sailing it there is just not feasible. Either fuel costs would be too high, weather too treacherous or there simply is not enough time for the owner to take the long voyage. But it doesn’t mean that a luxury mega yacht docked in Boston or South Beach Florida can’t be enjoyed a world away in Thailand or Italy. In those cases, many owners look to professional yachting transportation companies to get their massive boats to where they need to go.

Yacht transportation is a specialty unto itself when one considers the equipment and expertise involved in simply transitioning a yacht from sea to land via a truck bed or larger ship carrier. The planning for such an operation has to be figured out well in advance by both parties so the costs are known and also delivery times. For longer destinations massive hauling ships are used to move large yachts, but the benefits ultimately outweigh the costs. For the yacht owner, peace of mind is achieved in knowing their investment will be shipped in a safe way. This method can also save them thousands in fuel costs and wear and tear on the actual yacht.


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